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Welcome to PARASOPHIA Parasophia is the first large-scale international exhibition of contemporary art to be held in Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan. From Saturday, March 17, 2015 to Sunday, May 10, 2015, artists from around the world will create and show works in the historic buildings and rich natural environment of Kyoto.
  • Cai Guo Qiang | 蔡國強
  • Yoshimasa Ishibashi | 石橋義正
  • Pipilotti Rist | ピピロッティ・リスト
  • William Kentoridge | ウィリアム・ケントリッジ
  • Susan Philipsz | スーザン・フィリップス
  • Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster | ドミニク・ゴンザレス=フォルステル
  • Florian Pumhösl | フロリアン・プムヘスル
  • Arin Rungjang | アリン・ルンジャーン
  • Aki Sasamoto | 笹本晃
Kyoto can be described as a magic circle of sorts that connects the past with the future and is brimming with endless possibilities. The talent and intelligence that form bonds with Kyoto conceive of new ideas and receive inspiration for new creations and expressions from this city, while also adding to the power and potential of Kyoto as an instrument of intellectual and cultural production, rather than a city that merely consumes.
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