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The Parasophia Website (http://www.parasophia.jp) is operated by the Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture Organizing Committee (hereinafter “Site Operator”). The basic terms and conditions applying to use of the Parasophia Website are provided for in this document (hereinafter “Terms & Conditions”), which apply to all users making use of the Parasophia Website. By use of the Parasophia Website, users are considered to have agreed to these Terms & Conditions. Please read the following carefully.

Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright

Copyright and other rights concerning all content, including text, images, video, audio, and programs on the Parasophia Website vest in the Site Operator or in a rights holder who has permitted use by the Site Operator. This copyright is protected in each country by national copyright law, treaties, and other legislation. With the exception of downloading and printing out to the extent permitted by law, use (including reproduction, modification, distribution, presentation, and translation) of content published on the Parasophia Website is not allowed. Use of published content without the Site Operator’s authorization may be a breach of copyright law or trademark law, and may infringe portrait rights, privacy, or other rights.

JASRAC No.J141020993

2. Handling of personal information

The Site Operator will describe the handling and protection of personal information of users of the Parasophia Website in the Parasophia Website’s “Privacy Policy.” The Site Operator will handle users’ personal information according to the “Privacy Policy” and within the extent of the purpose of use.

3. Disclaimers

The Site Operator attempts to adequately check and confirm information published on the Parasophia Website, but makes no warranty concerning the information, including warranty of its accuracy and completeness. The Site Operator and information providers accept no responsibility for any disputes, loss, damage, or other issues arising from errors in the information published or from use by users of information on the Parasophia Website.

4. Links from the Parasophia Website

The Site Operator provides no guarantee concerning the accuracy, completeness, or any other characteristics of information on websites other than the Parasophia Website that are linked from the Parasophia Website or to which links are published on the Parasophia Website (hereinafter “Linked Websites”). Furthermore, the Site Operator and information providers accept no responsibility for any disputes, loss, damage, or other issues arising from use of the Linked Websites. Management of each Linked Website is the responsibility of the operator of the Linked Website, and in using such Linked Websites, users should comply with the Linked Website’s terms and conditions.

5. Use of third party services

The Parasophia website includes content that uses third-party services, for which SNS buttons etc. are displayed. User data, including access logs, may be retained on the servers of third-party providers when users access relevant web sites. Users are requested to read the privacy policy of each service provider to confirm the types of data and information to be retained and how it is handled. The Site Operator uses the following third-party services:

*Facebook (Facebook Privacy Policy)
*Twitter (Twitter Privacy Policy)
*Google: Some content uses Google Maps to display map information. (Google Privacy Policy)
*Instagram (Instagram Privacy Policy)
*YouTube (YouTube Privacy Policy)

6. Changes to Parasophia Website content and to Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions and content published on the Parasophia Website may be revised or deleted without notice at the discretion of the Site Operator. Users should confirm the current Terms & Conditions when using the Parasophia Website. When these Terms & Conditions are revised, use of the service after revised terms are displayed on the Parasophia Site is considered agreement by the user of all Terms & Conditions.

7. Interruption/suspension of Parasophia Website services

The Site Operator may interrupt, delay, or discontinue services if there is a computer network failure or other failure, or an urgent need for system maintenance or system modifications, or if there is a natural disaster or other circumstances recognized as unavoidable by the Site Operator.

8. Contacting the Site Operator

For the Site Operator’s contact information, see the Contact page on the Parasophia website.

◆ User environment

The following environment is recommended for browsing the Parasophia website. Some parts of this website may not be accessible in other environments. Even under the recommended environment some content may not be accessible or may not be displayed properly. Please also note that some content may experience technical problems caused by software installed by users on their computers and other devices.


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