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Prelude Volunteer Induction & Training Program, Courses 2 & 3: Thinking About Contemporary Art

Jan. 27, 2014 (Mon.) 16:17

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The second and third courses of our induction and training program for our volunteers who will be providing their support for Prelude [Exhibition] William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time were held on January 19 and 26.

The second course, “Thinking About Contemporary Art (1),” was held at Kyoto Art Center and featured a lecture by Professional Advisory Board member Mayumi Yamamoto (Program Director, Kyoto Art Center) on the center’s activities in contemporary art, including Kyoto Biennale 2003.  Yamamoto also gave our volunteers a tour of Kyoto Art Center, which is housed in the beautifully restored building of the former Meirin Elementary School.  After the tour and a brief discussion, a modest party was held at the Parasophia Office to give our volunteers a chance to get to know one another.

On the following week, our volunteers returned to the Parasophia Office once again for the third course, “Thinking About Contemporary Art (2),” where our artistic director Shinji Kohmoto spoke at length about William Kentridge and his works.  In addition to The Refusal of Time, Kohmoto also discussed the artist’s personal history and his important works to date, as well as broader themes including related topics in European history and the reception of Kentridge’s works abroad.  Kohmoto emphasized that there is so much to say about the artist that he cannot possibly cover enough ground in a single lecture.  He spoke for more than two hours, including a break, but our volunteers proceeded to engage Kohmoto in an active question-and-answer session, demonstrating their strong interest in the artist.

We now have less than two weeks before the exhibition opens to the public.  The fourth and final course will be an orientation session held at the actual exhibition site.

Photo taken during the second course (Kyoto Art Center)

* Our call for volunteers for our prelude exhibition is closed.

Kyoto Art Center: